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About Me

Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Treveino D Scott is a successful independent author, screenwriter, and the founding CEO of First PamFitness. 

Scott has been a personal fitness trainer for over 13 years and he is committed to teaching whole body wellness to all ages. At 26 Scott tore his ACL which impacted his choices to play professional sports, through therapy and recovery he grew to love the science of wellness, health, and the body.


Since childhood, Scott has had an incredibly expansive imagination. Creating characters and building stories has always been a passion of his, he believes in the power to tell stories that change people's daily lives. He has published two independent books and supported writing dozens of commercials, screenplays, and feature films. He believes he is the best talent to bless the writers community in LA. 

He has been featured at Creative Con 2022, Voyage LA, Creative Resilience and more.

Treveino currently lives in Los Angeles, CA